What Happened to the Spinach?

childhood memories eat your veggies missing mom

This morning, I fondly remembered sitting at the kitchen table as a child refusing to eat my spinach. Mom told me if I didn’t eat it for dinner I was going to eat it for breakfast. I remember winning that one, falling asleep at the table and not having to eat the spinach the next morning for breakfast. Last night with our dinner we had roasted Brussel sprouts and there were a few left over. I also had a couple tablespoons of leftover sautéed onions. I heated all the veggies in the skillet and then scrambled up an egg and put that in the pan. I warmed up a couple of corn tortillas, pulled out the salsa and that was my breakfast. It sounds bizarre I know, but I really hate throwing away food. Meat scraps, carrots, sweet potatoes go to the dogs but brussels sprouts certainly isn’t something you want your dog to eat if they’re sleeping in the same room with you. I never did find out what happened to the spinach (& I didn’t dare ask), maybe mom mixed it up with some eggs for her breakfast the next morning. #missingmom