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Peyote Patterns Now Available!

After 12 years of beading, teaching and designing my own patterns and selling on Etsy, I'm finally offering by patterns on the website! You can see all patterns at once or you can use the drop down to select only even count, odd count, etc.

I continue to create amazing enamel jewelry, but it's been too hot to run the kiln so I'm doing a little more beading these days. That of course, means designing new patterns.

Many have asked about the colors on the patterns. It's a universal problem...the software is limited to color in RGB format so the colors are sometimes not accurate. Most people choose their own colors anyway, but those who are new to peyote beading usually want to follow the pattern. My suggestion is to go on Caravan Beads. On my Mac and PC, the colors are very accurate on their site. I can place an order online and know exactly what I'm going to see when I open the package. Now, I'm not guaranteeing the same will be true with you, but since I test them on both MAc and CP, chances are good you'll be spot on...or at least close enough. 

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