For the Birds!

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yarn scraps

In addition to making jewelry, I like to knit and/or crochet in the evenings. I hate throwing anything away that can be used in some way so it bugged me every time I threw away yarn scraps.

We bought a house last year in a rural part of Vermont and I noticed a bird’s nest just above the door with bits of colored scraps of some kind woven in and the light went on!

Now when I have little bits of natural fiber yarn (I use a lot of wool and cotton), I toss it out for the birds.

I was on one day and saw this photo…so if you don’t want to toss your yarn or fabric scraps in the garden, here’s a great way to put it to good use.  You can also throw your drier lint in there! Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot them in a nest!

When you receive an order from Divella Designs, your gift box is wrapped in paper raffia ribbon so don’t forget to offer that to the birds as well!

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