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Techniques & Processes

Hi, I'm Dianne; owner, designer, and everything else at Divella Designs. I use a variety of techniques and processes in my work.

 In my enamels, I begin with raw copper sheet which I cut, form and prepare in order to receive the unleaded vitreous enamel powder. The pieces are then fired in several layers and multiple firings in a kiln at 1450°. This process fuses the copper and glass. The backs are also enameled to avoid stress. As the glass cools it puts stress on the metal and can eventually crack if not enameled on both sides. 

In my silver, I employ a variety of time honored silversmithing techniques as well as more contemporary methods depending on the end result I'm looking for. 

I work in milled (sheet and wire) fine and sterling silvers as well as precious metal clay. The tools and equipment I use in my work include industry standards such as Smith®, Foredom®, Durston, PepeTools® and Fretz. While they are high cost tools, they produce reliable and outstanding results and I believe are worth the investment. 

I have a strong love nature and use a variety of materials I collect during my walks for textures and inspiration. In fact in my current enamels, lichen found on the surrounding forest stones and bark was the spark for the collection.

The Keum Boo work is performed with silver and 24k gold in a process known as diffusion bonding. Through this process using heat and pressure simultaneously, there is an exchange of atoms between the silver and gold making the bond permanent.

Nothing goes to waste in the studio. The silver scraps are collected and recycled, either sent to be refined or in my Broomcast pieces and ingots I make from the molten silver. The copper scrap is given to local metal scrappers. As with the rest of my home, everything possible is composted, recycled, reused or repurposed. Even spent or broken drill bits and burs are ground down and formed into new tools.