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Here's what customers are saying!

"I became acquainted with Divella Designs several years ago when the jewelry was featured in a gallery in Windsor, VT. From colorful beadwork to silver pieces, enamels to creative metalwork, each piece that I have from Divella Designs always garners more compliments than any other jewelry I wear. I have a pair of petal pink enamel earrings with pearls that someone actually asked if they could buy right out of my ears! I have also commissioned a couple of custom pieces. The prices are right, the designs are unique and memorable; the pieces are beautifully wearable. I could not recommend Divella Designs more enthusiastically."

Holly T.

Love the jewelry! Absolutely beautiful work. I have two pieces so far and get so many compliments. I also love the fact that each piece is a "one" of a kind.

Tina V.

Unique and gorgeous work! Designed my wedding ring and I show it off all the time.

Crystal J.

Awesome artwork and excellent prices. Customer service is also exceptional and overall the experience on this page is magnificent. If there is a better place for jewelry, I don't know where it could be.

Brian A.