Nature Inspired Round Necklace in purple
Nature Inspired Round Necklace in purple
Nature Inspired Round Necklace in purple
Nature Inspired Round Necklace in purple
Divella Designs

Nature Inspired Round Necklace

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Inspired by Nature, enchanted with color

The inspiration for this series of enameled jewelry came as I took a walk with my 2 dogs in the woods around my house. While the rest of the series is more bold, these are petite, just 1” in diameter, but just as captivating.

  • Pure copper base
  • Counter enameled on the back for stability
  • 1” (25.4mm) in diameter
  • pure copper chain and bail which have been oxidized
  • Chain length is 28”, but can be easily cut to a shorter length
  • I use only unleaded enamels and fire each layer at over 1500°


Caring for your enamel jewelry

Enamel jewelry is basically care free. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Never use harsh chemicals.
  • Jewelry is shipped gift-boxed with anti-tarnish pads so it’s best to store them in there to prevent tarnish from developing.
  • Your new enamel jewelry is several layers of finely ground glass fused to copper at temperatures exceeding 1500°  and cooled slowly which hardens the glass, but to prevent any accidents the box will keep them safe.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove light tarnish periodically and you’ll be fine.
  • Tarn-X will pitt your silver and remove the shine so I never advise using it on your ear wires, or any other silver jewelry. A soft polishing cloth (included with your order) is sufficient for excess tarnish.
  • For chains on necklaces, I hold mine between my thumb and forefinger and run it gently through a polishing cloth when I take it off to put it away. This helps remove any make-up, lotions, creams that may have been deposited on the silver while wearing it. The same can be done with silver or gold ear wires.