Chrysocolla Cuff

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Chrysocolla is a copper bearing mineral mined in the southwestern US. It can be either translucent or opaque, and this piece has both! The stunning piece in this cuff measures over 1/2" wide. The substantial sterling silver cuff itself is textured with a magic mushroom pattern and patinated to bring the texture alive.

  • Materials: Chrysocolla, sterling silver
  • Color: turquoise/silver
  • Size: 6" with 53/64" gap Inside Diameter: 2.4"
  • Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting

        To wear your cuff bracelet: Holding your cuff in a “C” shape press one end of the cuff into the fleshy inner part of your wrist and turn your arm into the cuff. Adjust to fit once and you’ll be able to enjoy your cuff for years and years to some. To remove, simply reverse the process.

Repeatedly flexing your cuff (bending the metal) will cause the meal to harden and it will eventually break.

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