Green Inspire Earrings
Green Inspire Earrings
Green Inspire Earrings
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Green Inspire Earrings

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 Inspire yourself and others with these colorful enamel earrings with an uplifting phrase.

Theses enamel earrings began as a copper sheet from which I cut 1” discs. Vitreous enamel is a finely powdered glass which is fused to the copper at a temperature of 1500

  • Vitreous enamel
  • Niobium ear wires
  • 1” in diameter
  • Enameled front and back to prevent stress cracks

Niobium is a chemical element (symbol Nb). It is a soft, grey metal that is naturally found in the minerals pyrochlore and columbite. Niobium is naturally hypoallergenic and commonly used in a number of medical devices including prosthetics and implants, such as pacemakers. Often used in jewelry making because of its hypoallergenic properties, this metal is a safe choice for anyone with metal allergies.

Each piece is a reflection of my passion for metalworking as I form, solder, file, saw, fuse, hammer, and polish every piece of jewelry by hand in my Vermont studio.

All jewelry is shipped gift boxed and tied with ribbon all ready for giving!