Inspire Me Necklace *Create*
Inspire Me Necklace *Create*
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Inspire Me Necklace *Create*

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Painting, writing, beading, knitting, sculpture, pottery, metalwork, sewing, culinary, and the list goes on…and on. Find your passion and CREATE!

We all have that one thing we exceed at and love doing but we often push it to the side. We think it a waste of time or at least not important as paying bills perhaps. We think there will be time later, perhaps after we retire. Here’s the thing though…Our passions, the things that feed our souls, are every bit as important as food and water. Creating gives us peace, allows us to express ourselves in an intimate way. Is there something you’ve wanted to do but have been putting it off? Take that photography class, join that knitting group and CREATE!


1” pure copper disc enameled on both sides with unleaded enamels. All exposed copper is sanded smooth and the pendant is suspended from an adjustable pure cotton cord with 2 copper beads to make the ends easier to adjust. The necklace can be worn as a choker and extends to about 30 inches.

This necklace is ready to ship, but if you'd like to choose your own word and/or color, just click here


Each Inspire Me Necklace is handmade in my Vermont studio. Want to know how?

I begin with a sheet of heavy gauge pure copper. The discs are made and formed, and the hole for the cord is cut out. Following a dip in an acid bath (for cleaning) and a thorough rinsing, each piece is enameled with several coats of enamel (finely ground glass powder) front and back. Between coats of enamel they are fired in my kiln at 1450°.

After 3 coats the lettering is applied and the piece is fired one more time. Each piece is then inspected, and any excess glass is ground off from the sides of the piece before the final sanding.

The adjustable cord is made, then the piece is assembled, photographed, and placed into inventory.