even count peyote pattern Random Rectangles

Peyote Pattern, Even Count, Random Rectangles

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This listing is for my original even count pattern design peyote stitch pattern.  Add a clasp for a cuff or leave the clasp off and you have a beautiful bookmark!

It is assumed you are somewhat familiar with the peyote stitch and does not include the basics of that stitch. There are countless videos on the Internet free that show you this basic, easy beading stitch.

There is no refund for patterns.
Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to purchase.

• even count
• 1.1" X 6.7" using #11 Delica beads without clasp

1. Bead Legend: this tells you what Delica beads you will need complete with the Delica color #, and the amount of each you will need.
2. Bead Pattern: useful for those who know how to read a Peyote Stitch pattern.
3. Complete print out row by row bead by bead for those who find it too tedious or have never even SEEN a Peyote Stitch pattern before!

You will receive your PDF format pattern immediately after payment is processed.

All patterns and tutorials ©2009 Divella Delights
***You may use this pattern for commercial use if you agree to the following conditions:
1. To credit either Divella Delights or Dianne Culbertson-Jacques with the design (or if you modify the pattern you must credit Divella Delights or Dianne Culbertson-Jacques with the inspiration for the design) in any listing/photograph/posting including on any social networking sites.
2. To sell any work made and sold from the pattern ONLY if you yourself hand-created the piece (in other words, no mass production)
3. To NOT resell or distribute the pattern
4. By completing this purchase you are agreeing to these