Turquoise Stud Earrings

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The turquoise in these earrings are from The King's Manassa turquoise mine, or more accurately the “King Turquoise Mine”. Originally called the Lick Skillet Mine, it is located near Manassa, Colorado and is one of the many turquoise deposits which was actively mined by Native Americans for centuries. I.P. King rediscovered the mine in 1890, and the King family has operated it ever since. The mine is not currently active, so Manassa turquoise is quite rare on today's market. 

The stones I buy for most of my jewelry are hand cut, shaped & polished by a lapidary artist who sometimes even mines the rough as well, right here in the US. Because they are not calibrated and/or mass produced, each one is unique and therefore not a perfect match. In addition to wanting to support other artisans, I believe this all adds to the charm of each piece I create. 

  • Size:11mm
  • Color(s):Turquoise/silver
  • Materials:KIng's Manassa Turquoise, fine silver, sterling silver
  • Both sterling silver and rubber ear clutch included
  • Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting

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