For the love of nature

surrounded by nature

We moved into the new house last June so this is our first Spring here, and what a beautiful place it is this time of year! The maple trees once again have leaves at last and the forsythia is blooming! The peonies are about a foot in height, I can't wait until they bloom! The previous owner planted the peonies as well as daffodils, iris and Hostas and I brought some of my own bulbs with me and i looks as though they survived the Vermont winter very well. There is an ample garden plot and an established asparagus patch. Two cherry trees, 3 grapevines, 6 blueberry bushes, tons of blackberries will make for some great pies and jams if I can get to them before the birds and deer this year! Last fall we were able to harvest 5 nice, big butternut squash that appeared out of the compost pile...SCORE!

We have woods to the east and west and pasture to the north bringing a daily visit from the horses next door for their daily ration of organic carrots. On the southern end of the property in the distance is a house, but no one seems to live there, at least not year-round. There was one weekend last year when it was occupied and I see a caretaker show up every now and then.

I hadn't realized how much I had missed having space after living in town for so long. The evening sky is stunning with the absence of streetlights and the babbling brook across the way and cricket songs bring about a restful nights sleep.

We are inherently connected to the natural world around us. Wether it be playing in the waves, camping in the woods, hiking up the mountain, paddling on the river  or just sitting on front of a campfire with our favorite beverage, most of enjoy "vacations" in nature. We are comforted, soothed and nurtured when we spend time outdoors away from all the complexities of our day to day lives. Many studies have been conducted that prove to us beyond a doubt that spending time in nature is mentally, physically and emotionally healing and empowering. 

 I guess the question would be why don't we do it more often? I think if we did, we'd take better care to preserve and protect our planet. 


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