Caring for your jewelry


Enamels are a very fine glass powder fused to copper or silver by using temperatures at or above 1450°  are super easy to care for. Simply wipe with a soft cloth. You can use glass cleaners such as Windex, but avoid anything harsh and always use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the enamel. It's usually enough just to wipe them with a cloth.


Please never use items such as silver cleaner from the grocery store. These are very harsh and can actually put pits in your silver. Just give them a wipe with a Sunshine® cloth as it has a super mild abrasive that will remove the tarnish without damaging the silver. For pieces that have a patina (darekend low relief) be mindful that you only want to polish the high spots so use a light hand.


The copper jewelry that leaves my studio is sealed with an industry approved wax which will resist tarnish. That said, chemicals, and even some shampoos and soaps can wear this protective coating away. It won't hurt anything, but could wear away the wax allowing the piece to tarnish more quickly. Just use the Sunshine® polishing cloth and you'll be good to go.


As with any wood products, you want to avoid exposing your jewelry to excess moisture. Your new jewelry has been sealed with either butcher block wax or beeswax. If you find your jewelry is losing its luster you can use either of the 2 waxes listed or olive oil to give it a refresh.