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From Dining Room to Photo Studio

My husband David has been trying to talk me into converting our dining room into a place for me photograph my jewelry for a couple of years now. It has great light with the sliding glass door and we don't really use it much, especially since COVID began. The kids and grandkids have spread out from Connecticut to Hawaii and Washington (state) to Florida, each following their own path. 

As you can see here, my studio is quite full of work tables, benches and shelves leaving me little room for pictures and having to move things around just to snap one.


I finally agreed with David and the dining room furniture went to the basement and I began replacing it with a set-up appropriate for a small photo studio. I probably should take up the rug as well, but there's nowhere else in the house it would go so for now it'll stay put.


With some random tables and shelves from elsewhere in the house, a bit of DIY and my camera tethered to my computer I now have space for some better lighting. Hopefully, this will give you a better feel for the jewelry and kick up my website a notch, we'll see.

I know it needs a little more work, but at least I can move now without knocking anything off!

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