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Grad a cuppa and come on in!

Welcome to my studio!

Snow day in Vermont

It’s a snowy day here in Vermont once again, it feels like it hasn’t stopped since the beginning of February! As much as I love the peace and quiet in the winter, I sit at the workbench gazing at the window trying to imagine the trees budding out, the flowers in below and the birds chirping happily away. With temperatures in the single digits and below, that’s no easy feat.

In addition to making jewelry, I also love to knit and bake. Yesterday I made a big pot of chili, corn muffins and Magic Banana Cake. This recipe I found is quite interesting, it’s like cake with custard in the center. You mix up the batter and that magically makes the custard center. My husband and I really liked it, so we are going to try the magic chocolate cake next!

Magic Banana Cake

I have two sets of needles going, one with a pair of socks (I knit 2 at a time), and the other with this really neat pattern for dishcloths fromStaci at Very Pink Knits. If you knit socks and haven’t tried to time from the toe up, I would highly recommend giving a shot. There are a couple of benefits. First, and most importantly to me is there when you’re done you’re done. I suffer from second sock syndromeJ. What I was doing and wanted to time I would get the first one fetish, and wanted to go on to something else rather than complete the second sock. There are two benefits to working a socks toe up, you can try them on as you go and you don’t have to worry about saving enough yarn for the foot. You can either keep knitting until you run out of yarn, or stop when the leg is long enough. I have to say if you're going to give it a go, Staci's (Very Pink Knits) patterns are line by line and explained very well AND she includes access to videos in all the patterns I have seen.

But I digress, and that happens a lot. My husband told me he wouldn’t let five minutes in my head! :-)

My intent was to give you a snapshot inside the studio. Although it may look disorganized, this is actually as good as it gets!

Studio photoss 

enamel station

enamel supplies


Photo station

Soldering station

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