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Happy Accidents

I had some copper flower blanks hanging around so thought I'd try something new. Now, there did NOT turn out the way I had here's to happy accidents!

I wanted to enamel them separately and then rivet them together when they were finished. The problem was that the center holes kept filling up with enamel. The first few firings I drilled them out with a diamond drill bit under water. I finally decided to stop fighting the piece and just lay the smaller flower on top of the larger flower and fire them thereby fusing the 2 piece together. I wasn't sure I really liked them until I stepped away overnight and looked at them with fresh eyes in the morning. 

I only had 3 pair of the flowers and now it turns out I can't find them anymore. I'm still searching. Meanwhile, one pair has sold so I only have 2 left.

These have 14K gold filled ear wires to a length of 3 inches and the flowers are a ful in in diameter so they aren't for the timid!


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