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Little Rock Star

Meet Ellis. She lives in a nearby town and although I've never met her face to face, she's gifted me with many smiles and giggles watching her antics on her mom's Facebook page. I knew I had to make her something! Her mom is a friend of a friend and a previous customer of mine...and following her, it's not hard to see where Ellis gets her sense of humor! 

Here are a couple of pics with Ellis playing the drums...

                  little girl playing the drums  little girl playing the drums

It's when I saw the following picture that the light came on.

little girl playing the guitar

I'd been thinking about what to make for her as an expression of my gratitude for all the joy she spreads. When I saw her on the guitar, I knew exactly what I as going to make. A guitar pick shaped necklace. I made an adjustable leather cord for it so she can just slip it over her head and adjust it as she sees fit. A heavy duty sterling jump ring attaches the pieces.

guitar pick shaped necklace

I dropped it off at Boston Dreams, the local coffee shop we both frequent. I received the SWEETEST video from Ellis soon after, and today received this pic from mom. Adorable!

Thank you Ellis & Ashley for all the smiles, giggles and joy you bring all of us!


  • Thank you for enjoying my youngest granddaughter. She is a one of a kind and may that continue as she grows

    Beth Meachem
  • Ellis is a rockstar- the guitar pick necklace is fabulous and perfect for her. I miss her In person visits to BostonDreams Cafe.


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