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My Faves

I was recently asked what my 3 favorite pieces of jewelry are.

It may seem odd, but I don’t wear much jewelry. I spend most of my days in jeans and a sweatshirt in the studio with a variety of tools. I pin back my hair, don my apron, put on my Optivisor or welding glasses, so jewelry would be complicated and a hazard. I always have my wedding ring on and my memorial necklace which I wear tucked in when in the studio. That’s  pretty much all I wear most days. I do have a couple of favorites when I go out.

I’m a bit of a nature lover and living in Vermont the trees are so inspiring so the leaf print earrings are definitely one of my favorite pairs. I use an actual leaf to create those so each one is a little different.  I have a pair in silver, copper and brass so I have a pair that will go with any outfit.  When I saw how beautifully subtle they were I started collecting other types of leaves to work with. It didn’t stop there either! Bark, moss, lichen, flower petals; they all make such beautiful patterns that I can use in texturing the metals. 



I love my leaf prints, but here are times when I want more color so I turn to the lichen pieces. The pieces in the Lichen collection are made with 6 layers of enamel, each fired in the kiln at 1450°f. Each layer presents itself as solid color, but in the last long firing the layers carry on some unknown fluid dance commingling with one another to create an extraordinary & truly unique gift.


I’d love to know if you have a favorite here at Divella Designs! 

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