New Tools!

I finally had a chance to use my new jump ring maker from Pepe Tools. It's nice to have the proper size and gauge jump ring when I need it rather than waiting for a delivery.


I've been wanting this tool for quite some time, but like the rest of my metalwork and enamel tools, they don't come cheap if you want tools that will last...and Pepe Tools last! My first Pepe tool was my rolling mill.

pepe tools rolling mill

I was so impressed with it that when I needed a new disc cutter I naturally went to Pepe and again was very happy. I had purchased 2 previous disc cutters from other manufacturers and they both jammed up. My Pepe Disc Cutter cuts clean every time and never gets jammed or stuck.

pepe tools disc cutter

Back to the jump rings...There are times when my pendants, especially the larger enamaI designs need something more than a small chain. I want to be able to make some larger, more unique chains so I spent the day coiling, cutting, tumbling, and sorting them so they are ready to go when I need them. I made them in copper, NuGold and sterling in a variety of sizes and gauges. Now I can make some really nice chains for the 1.25" enamel pendants and they're coming soon!

I am a fan of Pepe Tools, but am in no way compensated for bragging about their superior quality! In fact, I'm pretty sure they don't even know! :)

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