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Photography Styles and How (I think) I Found Mine

I kept hearing about the need to create my own photographic style for my jewelry, but I wasn't quite sure where to go with that. Karl Taylor suggested in one of his videos to make a Pinterest Board just choosing images you like. It doesn't have anything to so with the brand necessarily, just choose photos you're drawn to; ones that provoke a feeling. I chose a bunch; some of jewelry and others not, but a theme definitely developed rather quickly. Leaves and the color sage. Well, that was pretty much a given since all my pieces reflect nature and I use a lot of organic material in the makeup of my work. It was when I looked at jewelry displays that the light came on.

I don't like the whole white background look. It's boring and it looks like the jewelry is floating in mid air. I can't hire a model so that's out. What I did discover it that I very much like the look or torn paper. Weird, huh? It must be something left over from my childhood 😃. 

So now we have nature, my fave color (and one of my brand colors) and torn paper.  If you've ever taken a piece of wet watercolor paper and torn it you know it leaves a deckled edge; that's what I'm talking about. After several hours of searching I found handmade heavyweight paper with a deckled edge in the perfect color. 

I've ordered it from a place called Fringe+Rose and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. The papers and some little organic bits with the jewelry is how I see it, and I have some design ideas, but for now you'll have to wait and see! 

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