Signs of Autumn

The milkweed pods are nearly brown, the tips of the maple leaves are beginning to turn, the wild turkeys are back, and the local orchard is now pressing cider! These, and other signs of fall are creeping in on us here in Vermont. I haven't seen any geese flying south yet, so summer's not quite ending, but soon. Another sign that fall is approaching is my desire to bake more. I like to send the kids food treats with their Christmas packages so I like to get started on new recipes as soon as the weather gets a little cooler.

Last night I made some pumpkin bread encrusted with chopped pecans and I have to say, it's a favorite of mine. Served warm with a little cream cheese and a light drizzle of local honey and you have a great dessert. I prefer mine plain as pictured here, for me it's sweet enough already.

pumpkin bread

What are some of your fall faves? 

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