The New Lichen Collection

Lichen Earring collection

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a bit of a nature lover. On a recent walk in the woods I was checking out the lichen growing on the rocks and fallen trees  and began experimenting with ways to try and get similar results on metal.

Beginning with copper sheet, a form is cut out and 6-7 layers of enamel are applied with a firing after each one at 1500°. Other than a fairly good idea of the colors I'll get, there is no way to predict what'll happen in the kiln so it's always exciting when I pull it out of the kiln after the final firing. 

enamel earrings

I'm on my way outside to find some good granite to take some texture from (for the bail design I have planned) so look for pendants to match coming soon! Check out the Lichen Collection


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