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The Top 3 Reasons I Buy My Stones From Lapidary Artisans

I could purchase my stones from large companies who produce acceptable gemstones for a cheap price tag, thereby making jewelry that either cost less or raise my profit. I choose not to and below you’ll find the top 3 reasons why.


  • I like to be as sure as possible that the stones I purchase are mined fairly and sustainably. Buying gemstones from large suppliers can sometimes mean that the stones are sourced unethically; that those who mine and finish the stones aren’t working under safe or healthy conditions or not paid fairly for the hard work they do. 

Turquoise Cabochons by cutting Edge Turquoise

  • The jewelry I make for you is unique. I know the term “unique” is overused, especially in the handmade market. Here’s the thing though; by purchasing my stones directly from the folks who cut, and often even mine the gems, I can be assured that each stone is in fact authentically one of a kind which allows me to produce a piece of jewelry that is in fact, yours and yours alone.

Wildhorse Cabochon by Turquoise Obsessions

  • I prefer to support small business, and if you’re here, chances are you do too. Being a small business owner myself, I know how difficult it is to compete with big business, or big-box stores. I’d much rather feed a family, send a kid to camp, or see a little girl take ballet lessons than a large corporation who doesn’t pay their employees what they should. I know the struggle of being a small business and of sacrificing for one’s dream. In may case, and as is the case with most lapidary artisans, I run everything myself. From creating the product, taking the photos, writing the descriptions, marketing, bookkeeping, shipping and taking out the trash; I do it all.


For these reasons sometimes a pair of earrings won't match exactly, or I have to say no to repeating a piece exactly in every detail. The jewelry I create is meant for folks like me who care about the issues above; who want to support an artisan; who appreciate the artistic value of a piece; and who want something truly & authentically unique. 

Another benefit is that when you purchase a piece of jewelry from me you are supporting more than one small business. Whether it’s a gemstone piece or an enameled piece, the parts that go into the whole have been purchased from a small business right here in the U.S.


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