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Why I changed my packaging

I’ve had customers ask me why I put the jewelry in a beautiful pouch then put it in a gift box. A couple of my regular customers have even added a note at checkout asking me not to send the gift box. They already have plenty! 

In my mind the gift box added an extra layer of protection for the jewelry. I used sheets of tissue paper and folded everything inside. It made it handy of you wanted to gift your item. It is true that the extra box adds nearly an ounce to the package which in turn raises your shipping cost. That all got me thinking.

I did some poking around and found that if I use shredded tissue paper (still compostable) it offered plenty of padding in the box so even if the shipper was rough with the package (and we’ve all seen those videos), the jewelry would be safe.

I was still worried though, for the folks buying gifts as they might still like the box. I’ll still offer the gift box, but at my cost. There is no charge for the pouch in either case.

Just so you know, the boxes will soon be a color they call ‘white sand’. I didn’t like the brown when I rebranded and white was a just a little too blah for me. 

Fun Fact: The tissue paper I use is compostable. in fact, it can be really good for your compost. It will absorb any excess water in your heap and keep it from producing odors.


After you’ve removed your jewelry and the other goodies, just dump out the contents of the box in your compost then toss the box in your recycle bin.

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