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The Unboxing Experience

Have you ever placed on order online and been less than thrilled when the package arrived? I know I always wonder when I order a gift online, what my recipient will see when they open the package.

The Unboxing Experience: As you open the box you are greeted by the soothing scent of the organic lavender sachet before you even peel back the carefully pleated ivory tissue paper. Once inside you’ll find a jewelry box tied with a pale pink ribbon, a care card that explains how to care for your new jewelry, a business card and few little treats. When you open up the jewelry box you’ll find your treasures in a luxurious microfiber pouch that looks and feels like an ultra-soft suede. The pouch has a divider where you’ll find a small polishing cloth if you’ve ordered silver, copper, or brass . These pouches make it easy to carry jewelry in your handbag or carry-on; or to change things up for an event after work. Because they have a tie closure, they’ll be nice and secure.

“I received my beautiful jewelry very quickly! The  packaging was very well done. Almost didn't want to open the earring box because it looked so nice. The lavender sachet is the perfect little addition.”-Mckenzie H.

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McKenzie received her package before I ordered the pouches and still loved her unboxing experience.

So, back to your recipient. I hope you feel a little more comfortable about sending unseen packages to your loved ones and friends from Divella Designs.

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