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A stunning dendritic agate is the star in this necklace. These gems look as though they have little landscapes trapped inside. 

The stone is set in fine & sterling silver and has a tube bail on the back to minimize flipping. Choose either an 18” or a 20” sterling silver chain. I also have other lengths available so if you’d prefer a different length, let me know prior to placing your order as there will be a slight up-charge.

So how are these gemstones formed? 

When manganese or iron oxides are deposited within microcrystalline quartz, and under the right conditions, the result is what we call Dendritic Agate. As water containing these oxides enters the crystal's structure (known as the “crystal lattice”), the particles of manganese or iron are left behind.

Most crystals grow slowly and uniformly across their surfaces during equilibrium conditions, gradually increasing in size. Dendrites form during non-equilibrium conditions when faster rates of crystal growth generate instabilities, causing crystals to branch rather than grow in one direction. During such periods of quick, unstable growth, the process repeats again and again. The process produces the fractal or branching pattern referred to as dendritic.

By the way, dendritic structures are not formed just by minerals. On a cold winter day, take a look at frost on a windowpane; you’ll likely see a dendritic pattern.


  • Color: White/brown/orange
  • Size: Pendant is 1" X 1 2/5" 
  • Materials: Sterling silver, fine silver, dendritic moss agate
  • Chain: Sterling silver popcorn chain in your choice of 18” or 20”
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Free shipping in the US

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