Ear Cuff

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These adjustable ear cuffs wrap around the cartilage of the ear so pierced ears are not necessary to wear them. Simply slide them onto the thin, upper part of the ear and slide into place and adjust to fit. After that, no further adjustment is necessary; simply slide them up to remove. Because the design is symmetrical, they can be worn on either ear.

  • Made with 20 gauge (CDA #110, 99.9%) pure copper sheet
  • Size: Small 1-9/32” X 3/8” Large 1-5/8” X 3/8”
  • Small will be the best fit for most women
  • Great gift for anyone with or without pierced ears
  • Can be worn on either ear
  • Simple fitting instructions are included in case you’re new to ear cuffs
  • Can be worn with or without regular earrings
  • Patinated to show detail

To wear your ear cuff slide it onto the thinnest part of the ear and slide to desired location. Squeeze gently to fit. Once you have the proper fit you can then just slide it on and off. Do not open and close your ear cuff, it should only have to be sized once, if at all. Continued bending will work harden the metal and it will eventually snap.

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