Multigem Stacker Rings

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This set of 3 rings gives you many possibilities. Wear one band for a dainty and feminine look, mix and match with your ongoing stacking rings collection or wear all three together to transform them into an eye catching statement piece. This set includes a KIng's Manassa turquoise, a sterling flower and a lab created* pink sapphire.

The turquoise in this set comes from the King’s Mine near Manassa Colorado. The Manassa turquoise mine, originally called the Lick Skillet Mine, produces an incredibly wide range of colors and qualities, from deep emerald greens to deep sky-blue. The mine is not currently active, so Manassa turquoise is quite rare on today's market.

  • Size: 7
  • Stone size:6mm
  • Color: turquoise/pink/silver
  • Materials: Turquoise, pink sapphire*, fine silver, sterling silver
  • Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting

Lab-created gemstones are in fact real and genuine; just man-made instead of mined from the earth. Believe it or not, lab gemstones are chemically, physically and optically identical to their natural counterparts.

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