Nature Inspired Round Necklace

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Nature astounds me with its complex and intricate patterns; tree bark, the veins in leaves & flowers, gemstones…you get the idea.

One day on a walk in the nearby forest, I became intrigued by the lichen growing on the rocks and tree bark. For the first time I really looked at it up close, I took the time to really “see” it. I picked up some smaller stones and a few branches from the ground and took them back to my studio. My husband found a large stone on the property and brought it to me. You’d have thought it was Christmas morning by my reaction :) 

Full of luscious color and mimicking the lichen growing on rocks & trees, this kiln fired enamel ornament will be admired & cherished by the nature lover in your life. 

  • Pure copper base
  • Color: Blue
  • Counter enameled on the back for stability
  • 1” (25.4mm) in diameter
  • sterling silver .925 chain
  • Chain length is 18”
  • I use only unleaded enamels and fire each layer at over 1500°


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