Purple & Pink Frond Earrings
Purple & Pink Frond Earrings by divelladesigns.com
Purple & Pink Frond Earrings by divelladesigns.com
Divella Designs

Purple & Pink Frond Earrings

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These colorful, enchanting earrings are created by a special technique producing a design aspect perfect for the nature lover or those with a Boho-chic style.

  • These earrings measure 1.57" (40mm) for the drop, total length from the top of the ear wire is 2.16" (55mm)
  • Handcrafted sterling silver ear wires OR Niobium ear wires* (ear wires will be those pictured**) See below
  • Two layers of enamel on back for strength and durability
  • Gently curved to provide an appealing dimensional quality
  • Each layer of enamel is applied & fired separately at 1500° in my kiln (total of 6 layers)
  • Due to the process involved, no 2 pair of earrings are exactly alike
  • Edges have excess glass ground off and sanded smooth
  • All jewelry is shipped in a gift box with an anti-tarnish pad, tied with ribbon and a note card is included for your special message. I am also happy to send (complimentary service) directly to your recipient, just let me know what you would like the card to say. (English only, please)
  • Packing slips are included with each order however, no financial info is included.


Your new earrings are made with finely ground glass powder fused to copper at 1500° several times. This not only gives this amazingly unique look, but is also hardens the glass. That said, if you throw these on a tile floor or similar surface they could crack. I have tested my techniques by dropping them on a tile floor repeatedly from 7 feet in height and have had no issues (please don’t try this at home J)

If your earrings have sterling ear wires they will tarnish over time if not stored properly. I will ship your earrings in a gift box with an anti-tarnish pad. If you store them in the same box, this will minimize polishing. Clean only with a soft jewelry cloth to remove tarnish 

*If your ear wires are Niobium, no special care is required. Niobium is an element used in medical devices such as pacemakers and prosthetics so is hypoallergenic. While there are those who are allergic or sensitive to silver and gold, a very minute number of folks can’t wear Niobium.

**If you would prefer sterling silver ear wires instead of Niobium, please let me know, there is no charge. Most earrings with sterling wires can’t be changed due to the size of the opening.